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  • Do tampons make you bleed more than pads?

    Tampons don’t make you bleed more than sanitary pads1. Just use whatever makes you feel comfortable, and fits in with your life. That way, you know you’re doing the right thing.

  • Can I get pregnant?

    You can get pregnant on your period, because sperm can live for seven days in the vagina. If you’re sexually active, be as careful on your period as you normally would2.

  • Can I swim when my flow starts?

    You can go swimming on your period. Swimming is actually a good way to unknot tense cramps and reduce pain, so if you don’t having problems moving, there’s no risk to a few gentle laps in the local pool. There’s one rule: don’t use pads or towels - they get soggy. But after that, just make sure you’re in warm water, don’t overdo it, and use a fresh tampon. You’ll be fine, and you’ll stay healthy.

  • Can I wash my hair when my period comes?

    You can wash your hair on your period. (As your friends will tell you, there’s no reason you can’t look glam.) This old chestnut may have come from the days when our great grandmothers washed in cold water, because cold temperatures can make stomach cramps more likely. We’ve moved on a bit since then - and hey, conditioner is too good to miss.

  • Do tampons take your virginity?

    Tampons don’t take your virginity! It’s true that they can sometimes stretch the hymen, the fold of skin towards the opening of the vagina. If your hymen is broken, they can make the hole a bit bigger. And if your hymen is very fragile already, they might break it. But a virgin is a woman who has not had sex, not a woman whose hymen hasn’t broken.

    In fact, it’s totally normal for a girl to have holes in her hymen long before she enters puberty. It’s just natural. That’s because a normal hymen gets thinner and develops holes as girls grow older, especially once they get to secondary school. It’s like losing baby teeth.

    And a bit like the way your baby teeth could come out when you took a tumble, your hymen can be broken by riding a bike, riding a horse, running or exercise3. You might not even notice.

  • Should periods hurt?

    You don’t have to suffer period pain in silence. In real life, it’s natural for many women to have pain-free, light periods. The medical term is called endometrial sparing. And there are so many different shapes and sizes of women, and so many ways that our bodies can work, that it would be a little unusual to think that only one option - the painful option - was the right one. With Feminax, you’ll still be you, just without the pain.

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