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You're not alone

The next time you’re lying in bed, clutching a hot water bottle and grinding your teeth, don’t curse your period pain too much. For one thing, you can wrestle it into submission with the advice on this site. (That’ll teach it.)

For another, you’re amongst the 85% of us who say we experience the symptoms of tough period pain from time to time. (And as science has shown, we’re all feminine goddesses. Or it may have been some epilator adverts. But you get the point.)

Plus, if you have tough period pain, preparing in advance can really make a difference.
Use our period predictor to see when your next period is due. To help remember, write the dates in your calendar or diary.

What does period pain feel like?

What does period pain feel like?

Some women are perfectly healthy, but can have completely pain-free periods. Or, periods that only bother them a little. For most of us, periods can be uncomfortable - but thankfully, not for too long...

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