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Why me?

Periods. Menstruation. Time of the month. Whatever you call it, it’s part of being a woman. And if you or someone close to you experiences period pain - don’t worry. More than eight in ten of us say we can feel a little… well, frazzled by our periods, from time to time.

We experience periods because they’re part of being able to have children. And with so much happening inside us, it’s not surprising that we can get cramps or pains. But the good news is, we can do a lot to relieve them. Not just with effective period pain relievers like Feminax, but by knowing what’s happening within our bodies, and doing the right thing to help.

Why do we have periods?

Why do we have periods?

Every month, before an egg is released, the womb - or uterus - begins to prepare for it. It builds up a thicker lining around its
walls, a little like a cushion...

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