For parents

Why me?

Periods. Menstruation. Time of the month. Whatever you call it, it’s part of your daughter’s journey
into adulthood. And whether you’re a mum, dad or carer, you want the best for her along the way - especially when she’s feeling a little low or nervous.

If your daughter starts her periods without knowing much about them, it can be a scary experience.
With your help, it can be a whole lot easier. Not just less painful, but much less worrying as well.

In the real world, talks about the joy of being a feminine goddess, undergoing an age-old right of
passage, tend to be met with sighing sounds. (Or rolled eyes and tutting.) But practical advice?
And knowing you’re there for her? She’ll find that invaluable. (Even if she is a bit too grumpy to
always tell you so).

So, What can you do?

So, What can you do?

The earlier you start to talk to your daughter about periods, the easier she’ll find it to deal with the subject. She’ll feel much more comfortable asking you questions when she wants to...

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