Feminax Express

Love Life. Ditch the pain

It can be hard to keep-up when you’re in pain, but you don’t have to suffer. Feminax is a good way to deal with tough period pains as it is designed specifically to target period symptoms.

Feminax Express

Feminax Express
Targets period pain FAST

Fast and effective, Feminax Express
is designed to work on the unique pain
a period brings.

Its key ingredient is ibuprofen lysine,
a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug, or NSAID for short. Feminax Express is proven to work twice as fast as standard ibuprofen*. It specifically targets period pain and associated symptoms and dissolves into the blood stream rapidly to deliver fast pain relief.

  • Fast and effective – gets to work in half the time it could take standard Ibuprofen*
  • Formulated for the unique pain a period brings
  • Also helps relieve associated period symptoms including period cramps, muscular pain, headaches and backache

* Refers to absorption


Find Feminax Express in the healthcare aisle today

Feminax Express is available without prescription at all good pharmacies and supermarkets.Feminax is suitable for those aged 12 and up. Each tablet contains 342 mg of fast-acting ibuprofen lysine.

Great news if you need to take control and get on with your life fast!

Always read the label

Always read the label

Always read the labels and instruction on any medication. Feminax Express is intended for the fast-acting treatment and relief of the symptoms of periods, including cramps, headaches and other associated symptoms. Feminax Express is intended for oral use only. Do not take more than 6 Feminax Express tablets a day. Do not take Feminax Express for longer than 10 days.


Menstrual Health Centre

Go to the Menstrual health centre


Knowing when your
period is due each
month can be really useful

- you can make a note of the dates in your diary to remind you to pop a couple of tampons or sanitary towels in your bag
and have some painkillers to hand so the cramps don't catch you off guard.

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